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Window and Door Stepped Awnings

Home Awning

A Little Light Saves You a Lot
You don't have to block out the light entirely during the summer. Because aluminum awnings are angled, they can block the summer sun's rays from directly entering your home. During the winter, when the sun is lower, they let the gentle winter rays in, bringing you the warnth you want.

Home Awning

Home Awning

Patio & Deck Awnings, too!

Patio Awning

Patio Awning

Canvas vs. Today's Aluminum

Unlike canvas, aluminum awnings are white on the interior, greatly increasing the reflective light into your home. Aluminum awnings won't rot, and with proper care will last indefinitely, and our new color selections truly enable you to enhance your home by blending with your exterior color scheme. Aluminum is an environmentally friendly product and a smart investment.


The National Bureau of Standards and ASHRE, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, have both run tests clearly demonstrating that window awnings are an energy-saving device for many homeowners.

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     Order your addition now and you'll be enjoying it sooner than you thought possible. Kibble Protector Products has a wide array of options to meet your needs, lifestyle and budget--a variety of roof styles, the latest in energy-efficient glass, beautiful decorator interiors and skylights; just to mention a few!

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